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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
Monitoring and Evaluation of NWRP » Monitoring and Evaluation of NWRP

Responsibility for overall coordination of Plan’s implementation lies with National Water Resources Council (NWRC), who will issue directives as required through its Executive Committee. As secretariat to the ECNWRC/NWRC, WARPO will monitor progress and impacts and draw to Council’s attention the issues that require their particular consideration. At a working level, coordination of project activities will conform to directives as issued from time to time by Government.

Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of NWMP is therefore seen as complementary to overall coordinating and monitoring role supported primarily through “Clearing House” role. As per directives of NWRC, WARPO will have to carry out monitoring the implementation of NWMP. NWMP is basically a portfolio of programs to be implemented within a time frame by different line agencies. In broader term monitoring the implementation of NWMP, will focus on progress and impacts of those interventions/projects under the NWMP programs taken up by agencies. It is understood that monitoring will involve regular comparison of activities and impacts against pre-determined objectives, using criteria and indicators, verified and report prepared by WARPO for NWRC consideration and also updating of NWMP. 

B2.  Scope of  WARPO’s Role of Monitoring and Evaluation

The Scope of Monitoring of NWMP project /programs is:

·         Assess if the project objectives meet the set  criteria through its implementation;

·         Assess Physical, Biological, Social and Economic environmental impact of the projects in terms of indicators.

·         Assess Regional and National impacts on Socio-Economic and Environmental  indicators on program and cluster of NWMP.

·         Assess the State of Water Resources system (Flood, Drought, Erosion, availability of GW/SW, quality and quantity).

·         Assess the implementation of peoples participation and its impacts at project level.

·         Project Evaluation.

·         Performance Audit


The role of monitoring and evaluation of NWMP by WARPO requires cooperation and adjustment with the activities of IMED and DoE. IMED and DoE has also monitoring mandate for investment projects and environmental issues respectively. Line Ministries have also their monitoring procedures.

B3.  Project and Program MIS (P-MIS)

A Project and Program MIS (P-MIS) has been developed during NWMP project. The MIS needs to be upgraded and implemented to support monitoring projects/programs of the NWMP. The activities in this line are:

§   Reorganize the present database and update and link with NWRD.

§   Develop strategic position paper and a work plan, which among other things: design a     set of corresponding indicators, develop tools, procedures for evaluation and reporting.

§   Data collection for updating P-MIS.

§   Evaluation and Reporting

B4   Action Plan

Action Plan for "Monitoring and Evaluationi" s listed in the Annex-2. Following objectives and indicators may be used for close monitoring the progress of the development. It is also important to monitor the progress of other activities under different programs having linkages with the activities of the role.

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