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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
National Water Resources Database and Knowledge Base in Water Sector » National Water Resources Database and Knowledge Base in Water Sector


WARPO has accumulated enormous volume of data and information during studies like NWP Phase I(1983-86), NWP Phase II(89-91), Flood Action Plans(89-95) and NWMP(98-2001), ICZMP(2001-2005)and it has already setup a Central Database (NWRD) in 2001 and Library System following the existing mandates. This information base, an enormous national assets, holds wide range of spatial, time series and attribute data and information, that are continuously giving support to the multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary planners, researchers, projects of both Government and private sector agencies. More than 400 data layers are available in NWRD. It has consolidated the major data resources in a single place to provide data for national and regional level planners, researchers and academicians.

 Data and information should be disseminated to a wider range of users and agencies for planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and research purpose. Data, information and knowledge including the process of extraction, collection, storing, processing and analysis should be corrected, validated, standardized, updated and easily accessible (for both internal and external sources).

As a core function of WARPO, maintenance, updating and dissemination of the National Water Resources Database (NWRD) and IT support activities include activities under the following groups.

i)    Updating, maintenance and dissemination of National Water Resources (NWRD);

ii)   Data quality assessment and control;

iii)  Networking development among data providers and users;

iv)  Standardization of data collection, processing procedures;

v)   Meta-data creation and standardization and updating;

vi)  Setup central services and help desk;

vii) Maintenance of IT network and system;

viii)            Tool development for Information Management System;

ix)                    Enrich WARPO library system

F2.       Scope of Activities

The action plan has been translated from the scope of work identified:

§  Regular need assessment and review of data inventory

§  Regular updating of NWRD

§  Develop Quality Control Guidelines for collection, processing and presentation of both spatial and time series data.

§  prepare standards for collection, processing and presentation of data for Bangladesh in consultation with the related organizations

§  Develop procedures and systems within WARPO for data quality assessment based on Quality Control Guidelines.

§  Update and improve the existing NWRD application tools for searching, exporting, editing, viewing, processing, analyzing and representation of data in NWRD.

§  Update, improve and develop necessary tools to support the dissemination of information and data, which also includes the estimation of prices, invoicing and data exporting for CD writing, etc.

§  Develop new tools for data quality control and assessment. This tool will convert the raw data collected from data collecting agencies into standard (MS Access, MS Excel etc.) format, for initial screening of the obvious errors and filling gaps of missing data following standard hydrological procedures.

§  Develop a web-application for NWRD to make individuals to access the NWRD in a secure and robust way through the Internet Explorer or Netscape browser running on PCs.

§  Develop web-enabled WARPO library system with linkages with other such library system including library systems of IWM and CEGIS

§  Develop access protocols to link the NWRD with other databases within WARPO (e.g.: ICRD, MES and CDSP) and outside WARPO (e.g.: BWDB, BBS, DoF, BARC, IWM). Such protocols shall make the databases accessible technically and administratively subject to fulfillment of conditions set by the data providing party.

§  Sign MOUs with various agencies to adopt policies and develop communication infrastructure

§  Develop Data Management Policy and Strategy for NWRD to reflect the generic principles and considerations that relate to long-term data collection and management objectives and visions of WARPO.

§  Develop a Communication Infrastructure by forming a NWRD users group to help formulate the requirement of data type, frequency, spatial distribution and quality standard.

§  Take necessary measures to operate and maintain WARPO’s computer systems including personnel and material support for such activities as professional assistance for keeping the existing hardware and software configuration operational, network maintenance, internet support, all sorts of IT support, map preparation, preparation of presentation material and IT training

§  Establish a communication networkamong agencies such as WARPO, CEGIS and IWM etc through a microwave connection.

§  Update and upgrade meta-data system on regular basis

§  Setup central service and helpdesk for external and internal users and data providers

F3.   Action Plan

List of activities for the development of NWRD and provide support of information and technologies are attached in Annex-5. It is proposed that the progress and development of the Action Plan may be monitored using the following indicators linked with the desired objectives.

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