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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
Ongoing Projects
1. Water Management Implementation Project (WMIP) WMIP-3B
Project Duration   : November 2009 to October 2016
Project Location   : Bangladesh


WARPO Component: Water Management Implementation Project (WMIP) WMIP-3B


The broader objective of Water Management Improvement Project (WMIP) is to improve water resources management by improving infrastructure and institutions through rehabilitating damaged water infrastructure, piloting the role of local communities and enhancing the institutional performance of the recipient’s principal water institutions, particularly Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO). The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) obtained a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) and a small grant from Government of The Netherlands to meet the cost of implementing the project WMIP. BWDB and WARPO implemented the project over a period of seven years beginning from 2009. The project ends by June 2016. WARPO component of the project (WMIP 3B) was aimed to enhancing institutional performance of WARPO through:

(a)    Human Resources Development

(b)   Updating of National Water Resources Database and

(c)    Additional activities for updating of NWMP


Organizational and Institutional Development (WMIP 3B-S1)

The existing role of WARPO within the water sector of Bangladesh and its relations with its stakeholders in the government and elsewhere in the society were analyzed and a number recommendation were made to strengthening and consolidating its role as well as develop the human resources capacity of WARPO and its stakeholders. A nine month consultancy in this regard produced a report in December 2011

National Water Resources Database (NWRD) updating

The NWRD was established in 1999 at WARPO to meet the demand for continuous data and information for planning in Bangladesh. Periodic update of the NWMP and to support water planner the NWRD requires updating with new layers of data and information. The main activities under the sub component were:

  •       Updating of NWRD and IT Support (120  existing Data layers updated, 48  new data layers with metadata and bundle information incorporated)
  •       Establishment of High Resolution RS Reference Bank and Corresponding GCPs (A GCP data bank containing 2571 GCPs is developed}
  •      .Network Development (Time Series Data Quality Control Guideline’ and  ‘Guidelines on NWRD Spatial Data Quality ’ prepared, a data dissemination Policy prepared)
  •       P-MIS /MIS Development for NWMP Implementation and monitoring (a‘monitoring tool’ has been developed).
  •       Review and update of Integrated Costal Resources Database (ICRD) as a subset of NWRD (125  existing Data layers of ICRD updated, 50 new data layers have been created for ICRD;
  •      Technology transfer

A contract was signed between WARPO and Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) to providing support in the updating of NWRD.

Additional Activities for updating NWMP

In the revision of WMIP in 2012 a number of additional activities were included in the project. Two important activities were:

  • ‘Assessment of State of Water Resources (WARPO S3-1) ’.
  • ‘Review of NWMP implementation (WARPO S3-2’

The activity ‘Review of NWMP Implementation’ included review of the implementation of NWMP since its approval in March 2004 and also strengthening the on-going activities of ‘Clearing House’ role of WARPO. Later due to revision of the project cost ‘Review of NWMP implementation (WARPO S3-2’ was dropped and only “Assessment of State of Water Resources” was carried out.

‘Assessment of State of Water Resources (WARPO S3-1) ’.

The activity included assessment of both groundwater and surface water resources and its implication under future challenges of climate changes and future development aimed to assisting the update of NWMP. WARPO contracted Institute of Water Modeling (IWM) and two international water resources expert to carry out the study.

 Human Resources Development and others

In order to increase capacity and skill of the existing manpower on the job training for maintaining database of NWRD were carried out. To improve capacity on water resources planning participants from WARPO together with officials from Ministry of Water Resources, IMED of Planning commission were provided training abroad.

In order to have stronger linkages with agencies for providing data and in the review of NWMP a number of local training/workshops were arranged. Three vehicle (one car, one jeep & one micro bus) and IT facilities (computer, server, multimedia, networking equipment and software) were purchased

2. Institutionalization of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) process in Compliance with Bangladesh Water Act,2013
Project Duration   : November 2013 to October 2016
Project Location   : Bangladesh
1.   Background

The water sector worldwide is increasingly passing through a crisis situation. The unique characteristics of the water resource entail complex social, political, and economic implications in its management. The water crisis is mainly a crisis of governance and the management forms under which water has been historically governed. Water resources are used in various ways by society and scientists predict that water scarcity will be one of the most important issues of the 21st century. Currently, 2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation and to safe water sources. People live with water scarcity, and this number will continue to rise, unless radical reforms emerge. 
The need for a comprehensive legal framework to face the growing challenges regarding water rights, protection of water resources, water use, water services and management is widely acknowledged. Every country has its own unique and peculiar legal system depending upon its own legal history and legacy. Bangladesh is not an exception to this. In the face of the growing challenges regarding water management, Bangladesh, like other countries, requires its existing laws and regulations to be carefully reviewed. Accordingly, the Government decides to have a framework law for water resources and got it passed in the last session of the parliament, to be called Bangladesh Water Act, 2013 which receives President's assent on 2 Day of May 2013. This is a framework legislation which entails a coordinated and comprehensive water regime in respect of development, management, extraction, distribution, use, and protection and preservation of water resources. The way the Act is designed, it requires having implementing delegated legislations to give full effect to the Act. It will be useless to bring the Act into operation unless and until the delegated legislations are made. If drafting of these implementing regulations is not carefully considered, this may result in contradictions, overlaps, and may lead to confusions to implement a particular rule.  
Moreover, WARPO is an apex organization under the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), dealing with Nationwide Water Resources Planning and according to the Bangladesh Water Act, 2013, WARPO as the nodal agency for coordinating IWRM related stakeholders, is mandated to plan IWRM related issues, to coordinate other agencies/stakeholders and make policy suggestions to MoWR.

As start-up of the operationalizing the Bangladesh Water Act, 2013, WARPO has carried out dialogue and discussion with various developing partners and successfully able to reach consensus with the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) to support a three year project in translating act in to action, which will include, developing rules the Bangladesh Water Act 2013, consultation with stakeholders to polish and finalize these rules and facilitate the Ministry of Water Resources to approve these rules; support innovative projects to translate these rules in to action; regulate and capture lessons learned from the ground on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), policies and investment for ensure improved IWRM for sustaining the improves services. TA support from ADB for strengthening the institutions for the implementation of required legislation is in the discussion Table.

2. Objectives:

Overall Objective: Overall objective of the project is to create an institutional mechanism for WARPO related to operationalize the newly enacted Bangladesh Water Act, 2013 towards planning and implementation of IWRM in the country.

Specific Objectives: More specifically the project will contribute to create an institutional mechanism through a participatory dialogue based process. The consultation will be made with consumers and providers, citizens and local governments and central government for ensuring improved integrated water resource management and water related policy directives in compliance with Bangladesh Water Act, 2013 especially by piloting in Rajshahi and Chapai Nawabganj District. The project will also assist WARPO in the initial framing of rules and guidelines, by-laws and effective advocacy in support of Bangladesh Water Act, 2013.

3. Scope of Work:

3.1 Operationalizing and Institutionalizing the Bangladesh Water Act, 2013

  • Preparation of Rules (in bangla & English version) for effective implementation of Bangladesh Water Act, 2013 including guiding standard rules and/or bye-laws for union parishads and upazilas.
  • Stakeholder consultation with implementing agencies on draft Rules and bye-laws of Bangladesh Water Act, 2013 at central level and divisional level.
  • Advocacy and awareness campaign programs on a) Bangladesh Water Act, 2013 and (b) open source data system.
  • Piloting to translate the Act into action in Rajshahi and Chapai Nawabganj district especially for upcoming IWRM project of SDC.
  • Review of Coast Zone Policy, 2005  in the light of the Bangladesh Water Act, 2013.

3.2 Capacity Building of WARPO for Implementation of Bangladesh Water Act, 2013

  • Carry out institutional strengthening and capacity need assessment for WARPO and long term visioning and support plan (phase-wise).
  • Develop Capacity Plan for WARPO in the short, medium and long term including the role of WARPO on coordination, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Establish modalities for regular carrying out meetings with Inter-ministerial Committee, with NWRC and ECNWRC to review implementation of Bangladesh Water Act, 2013.
  • Learning visit (training/workshop/seminar) on IWRM issues in relevant countries for WARPO and MoWR/IMED/ERD/Planning Commission (PC) professionals.

3.3 Knowledge and Data Management

  • Establish Open source data system and linking that with LGD’s open source data system to enrich NWRD for monitoring the implementation of IWRM.
  • Establish linkages with projects and program to demonstrate and carry out action research for rolling out the Act.
  • Capture lessons learned and reflect that accordingly in on-going and up-coming investment.
3. NUFFIC-NICHE155: Scenario Development in Integrated Water Resources Management: coping with future challenges in Bangladesh.
Project Duration   : March 2013- February 2017
Project Location   : Bangladesh

The project ‘Scenario Development on Integrated Water Resources Management in Bangladesh’, shortly known as NICHE155 project is a Dutch funded project (not under the annual development program) The objective of the project is “To deliver capacitated graduates, researchers and policy staff on integrated water resources management and contribute / support the realisation of the delta plan in order to cope with future challenges in Bangladesh”. This entails, among others, to strengthen the collaboration between and the capacity of the four organizations namely Department of Water Resources Engineering of BUET, Department of irrigation and Water Management of BAU, Entre of Environmental Geographic information services (CEGIS) and Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO); and to improve the quality of education, research, dissemination and policy formulation in scenario development relevant to IWRM and climate issues.”

The project "Scenario development in Integrated Water Resources Management: coping with future challenges in Bangladesh" aims to deliver capacitated graduates, researchers and policy staff on integrated water resources management to contribute / support the realization of the delta plan in order to cope with future challenges in Bangladesh”. The five year project is a Dutch funded started on 1st March 2013 and ends on 28 February 2017.

The project aspires to strengthen the collaboration between the four organizationsundertaking research, dissemination and policy formulation in scenario development relevant to IWRM and climate issues in Bangladesh. The project will also mainstream gender in education, integrate labor market needs in education, develop of curricula and provide training to stuff of the four organizations.The four organizations are Department of Water Resources Engineeringof Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Department of irrigation and Water Management of Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU), Centre for Environmental Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)and Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO). The international consortium comprising members from institutes UNESCO-IHE, Alters/WAU & Deltares from Netherlands guide and assist the staff of the four organizations with a broad range of expert knowledge in order to achieve the stated objectives and to implement the project activities. The project activities are grouped under the following pworking package (WP):

WP 1: Curriculum Development

WP 2: Academic Research

WP 3: Staff Training

WP 4: Facilities

WP 5: Modeling facilities and support                            

WP 6: Platform and Dissemination

WP 7: Gender

WP  8: Labour market

To know more:  http://warpo.gov.bd/index.php/home/catdetails/112/42

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