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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
The traditional approach to management of the Water Resources System

The traditional approach to management of the Water Resources System (WRS) in Bangladesh has been on structural interventions designed for flood protection primarily; Major interventions since 60's typically aimed at flood control, drainage and irrigation and diversion of dry season flows beyond borders. For the time being these interventions within country met the immediate need for more food production, but gradually these gave rise to unexpected problems of increased flood heights, water logging, drainage congestion, interruption of the ongoing cycle of nutrient replenishment from inundation and deposition, impediments to navigation, and destruction of habitat for the migration and breeding of native fish species etc. In the recent time due to population growth, urbanization and industrialization new problems of water quality, reduction of flood flow areas and flood retention areas, drainage constrictions, encroachments around urban centers are new challenges or  impediment to proper water management.

Reports on NWP II
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Water Resources Planning Organization
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