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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
Brief on NWRD

Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO) has developed National Water Resources Database (NWRD) to meet the demand of consistent and corrected data and information from the planners, researchers and managers working in water sector. It is a mandate of WARPO to establish and update the National Water Resources Database (NWRD. The NWRD has become the largest geo-spatial database in the country, which holds spatial, temporal and attribute information on water resources. The data contained in NWRD have been collected from a wide range of sources and agencies; data are also captured from satellite images, aerial photographs and hardcopy maps. WARPO collated data from different primary data collecting agencies, do needful conversion, processing and quality checks of the data layers. Data is being scrutinized through proper temporal and spatial quality guidelines. WARPO also generates data through different studies and project work e.g. National Water Plan (NWP), Flood action Plan (FAP) and National Water Management Plan (NWMP) project, Option for Ganges Dependent Area (OGDA), Coastal Development  Project (CDSP) etc.

NWRD holds more than 400 data layers, out of which 125 layers are spatial data. Data in the NWRD are organized in several main groups which are: Base data, Surface water, Groundwater, Soil and Agriculture, Fisheries, Forest, Socio-economic, Meteorological, Environment and Images. A web enabled meta-database has been created to browse through Internet/Intranet. NWRD is a geo-spatial database stored in Oracle database system in the backend and front end is designed in ASP and ArcView GIS.

NWRD data is being disseminated to large no. of users in universities, government & non government agencies, national and international institutions and others. It can now be considered as the only authentic water related database in Bangladesh from where users can get relatively good quality data in a nicely organized and compact form and in their favoured formats. WARPO is updating and upgrading the database of all the existing NWRD and ICRD data layers and gathering new information.


  • Support water resources planning including the National Water Management Plan (NWMP),
  • Organize the data collected from different agencies, organizations or projects,
  • Check the quality of existing data, and establish a data quality checking procedure and guidelines,
  • Develop GIS based tools and other application tools and a metadatabase,
  • Identify the need for additional data layers for planning purposes,
  • Construct additional data layers to enhance and enrich the database,
  • Develop a future data management strategy for WARPO and
  • Make data available to all users.

National Water Resources Database(NWRD) Tools


Brief on NWRD
NWRD Data List
Brief on ICRD
ICRD Data List
Water Resources Planning Organization
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